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Time and place: May 1-6 2001, Wroclaw
- halls of the Contemporary Theatre, Rzeznicza Street 12 (video-art screenings, CD-ROM art, net.art, installations, lectures, special presentations);
- postindustrial spaces of Stajnia nr 8a, Sienkiewicza Street 8a (multimedia activities, audio-visual concerts, club scene).

After closing the last year with an extraordinary millenium edition of WRO2000@kultura devoted to changes in art and culture in the time of cybertechnology, in May 2001 next regular edition, Poland's and the Eastern Europe's largest biennial festival of electronic and computer art - WRO 01 will be held.

The leading theme of the WRO 01 Biennale, SCREENS expresses the character of the media art's present state. On one hand it seems appealed by fast development of cognitive horisons and expression of new communication spaces, and on the other hand is closely tied to SCREENS (computer, television, projection ones), which presence is common to triviality, and which restrict the horisons with their aesthetics of inventions that are somewhat out-of date, yet still indispensable and irreplaceable. A lecture by Jaron Lanier, on the subject of technology and media art during the WRO2000@kultura held in December has become a motto of this year's biennial.

In computer, art is most naturally at home. inside a framework of whatever interaction device the computer provides, such the computer projector creating an image or the computer web page. It presents a framework naturally because it's a little self-contained universe. And yet the only way that computers can regain the contactwith fundamental mystery that is naturally present when you rork with phisical paint or the clarinet. The only way you can regain that mystery is by using the computer as a means to connect two people together, so that the mystery feel is that of the other person.

WRO Biennale is a festival organized since 1989 by Open Studio/WRO and WRO Center for Media Art Foundation. Artistic director: Piotr Krajewski; program director: Violetta Kutlubasis-Krajewska; organisation director: Zbigniew Kupisz. WRO website: www.wro.art.pl and www.wro.getin.pl.


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