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The jury of the the 9th International Media Art Biennale WRO01, consisting of Katherine Carl, Erkki Huhtamo, Jaroslaw Kapuscinski, Sally Jane Norman and Alexei Shulgin, decided to distinguish seven works, three with special mentions and four with prizes. The screening has shown a wide variety of approaches, clearly designed to be viewed in an equally wide variety of presentation contexts, ranging from traditional video screenings to installations, CD-ROMs with online connections, and works created specifically for club culture settings.

Given the level of technical fluency that has been reached with new media tools, we are now looking forward to seeing works with a sharper critical edge.

The first two prizes, ex aequo, go in alphabetical order to:

Oliver Pietsch, Heroes (Germany)
For original and multilayered interpretation of motives and behaviours in contemporary media culture; for effective use of simple sound and video techniques to build a novel dramatic structure.

Anita Sarosi, Dragon (Hungary)
For a highly poetic evocation and virtuoso integration of image and sound. Above all, for a very precise impression of a dragon.

The second prize goes to:

Andreas Gedin, Gemini (Sweden)
For artistically interesting portrayal of ambivalent identity; for an original recreation of a literary work, by inventive use of standard video tools.

The third prize goes to:

(n:ja) Rewind (Austria)
For meditative and precise deconstruction of contemporary machine interfaces.

Special mentions were awarded to:

Alex Sanjurjo Rubio, Ventilar (Spain)
For simplicity and clarity of vision, for a creative take on game aesthetics.

Dan Geesin and Esther Rots, The Garden (UK-Netherlands)
For using a simple editing technique to build a surprisingly sophisticated intrigue; for witty comment on cinematographic narrative structure.

BIT - Bureau of Inverse Technology, BIT Plane (US)
For ironic metadiscourse on power structures of technological society, for being playfully subversive (it should be pointed out that this video explicitly testifies to a larger project).


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