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Perte de Signal is a Montreal based media art collective joined together to disseminate work in the field of media art. Created in 1997 by five young artists, the collective has for it's main goal to establish an international network of artists, to favor news approaches and to promote work that underline the poetic expressiveness of digital imagery. The projects created by the members of Perte de Signal - Robin Dupuis, Joanna Empain, Julie-Christine Fortier, Isabelle Hayeur, Claudette Lemay and Sébastien Pesot - use the most recent and unique practices in video, their works are regularly presented worldwide within the framework of electronic art and video festivals.

Transcoding 1999

1 Sébastien Pesot Vortex 1997
2 Robin Dupuis Démarche no. 1 1997
3 Julie-Christine Fortier Le voyage, le silence et la mere 1998
4 Joanna Empain Évasion 1998
5 Isabelle Hayeur Voyage d'hiver 1997
6 Sébastien Pesot Placebo 1997
7 Robin Dupuis Furtive 1999

Compilation 2000

1 Sébastien Pesot Lapsus
2 Julie-Christine Fortier Mechanical Rodeo
3 Julie-Christine Fortier Blizzard, Blizzard
4 Claudette Lemay Je ne bouge plus d'ici
5 Joanna Empain Visions
6 Robin Dupuis Opuscules Op: 1
7 Robin Dupuis Opuscules Op: 2
8 Isabelle Hayeur Vertige


1 Galina Myznikowa Sergey Provorov 1999
2 Natalia Borisova The End 2000
3 The Blue Soup In Time of Trouble 2000
4 For Anonymus and Gratuitous Art (FU'n'GK) Birth Day 1999
5 Natalia Borisova The lilac dooesn't grow in China 1998
6 The Blue Soup Stop 2000
7 NL Ole Lookoye VJ Industry 2001


Studio U-7 TV, an independent production and distribution company, presents the Collection of the Short Movies and Animation from Russia specially for Internet transmission. The content (15'' to 6' of duration) is presented in various genres: from parody and humor to romantic stories. There is no text or voice over in the majority of the films, so they will be understandable for the international public. These films are available in MPEG video format.

1 I. Gusak Russian Dance
2 Studio U-7TV Remember the sea
3 G. Malyseev Heart-To-Heart Talk
4 S. Anashkin Marlene Ditrich
5 S. Anashkin Greta Garbo
6 A. Anashkin Lessons of Classicism
7 O. Nikulin Russian Spy
8 V. Davydov Fight against alien
9 E. Sharova Wher to
10 E. Sharova Nowhere
11 V. Davydov A hare in the city
12 V. Davydov The spit (from ABC of Statuses)
13 Mizin My Fire
14 Mizin Pigs in space
15 Studio U-7TV Star wars
16 Studio U-7TV Let it be


1 Andrey Savitsky The data stream processing and other, more earlier
works - all in fragments or demo versions
2 Alexey Terehov Forgive me, my love and fragments of other works
3 Dmitry Los
Maxim Timinko
Premium audio visual synthesizer, fragments
4 Maxim Timinko Kubik-rubik, Conversations other, fragments
5 Andrey Loginov Various works, installations, fragments
6 Artiom Rybchinsky fragments of installations
7 Sergey Zhdanovich fragments of installations


The INSTANTS VIDEO of Manosque (France) are an international video art manifestation. Inaugurated in 1988, the Instants Video of Manosque present each year a selection of international video and electronic art: single tapes, video and acoustic installations, CD-ROM, performances. The Instants Video do not organize any competition. They intend to be a moment for meeting, discovering, comparing, experimenting, producing thoughts and freindship. The Instants Video like the video they show and the artists they welcome! The Instants Video like poetry. Every year, in collaboration with a choice of magazines, some poets come to disturb (cheerfuly and deeply) the electronic atmosphere of the festival. The Instants Video do not define a year topic. But each year, the festival is given a title, the same way a title would be given to a compilation of poems. The artists may or may not take it into account. The title we choose on 1999,"Resistance, mon beau souci". The last year it was be "Quetzal". This year, "Les projections libérantes".

1 Dominik Barbier Love flows trough the comunications networks 1991 France
2 Mounir Fatmi Survival sign 1998 Maroco
3 Jem Cohe This is a history of New York 1997 USA
4 Pirjeta Brander
Teemu Maki
Families values 1997 Finland
5 Stephane Moinet
Davy Drouineau
Stephane Artus
Homo cathodicu 1997 France
6 Davy Drouineau EON 1998 France


1 Peter Raitchev Hymns for a Soul Immortal 2001
2 Boryana Dragoeva Beauty and the Beast or Why Beauties Fall in Love Beasts 2000
3 Oleg Mavromati To Human Reason in Memoriam 2001
4 Daniela Kostova Fair Play 2000
5 Daniela Kostova Title II 2000
6 Vasil Zhechev Person 2000


The screen of the computer is the latest in a myriad of devices employed to penetrate the layers and twists of human experience. This flat surface like that of the video monitor, the photograph, and the grids used in the Renaissance to map out perspective, fantastically plays out the desire to create a multidimensional space to explore the landscapes, architecture and interior psychic spaces that inhabit in everyday life. Artists continue to evolve this impulse to expand space through effects of doubling and switching place and personas-whether of their own imagination or attempts to inhabit another's.

1 Nancy Holt East Coast, West Coast 1969 USA
2 William McKenna Afterword 2000 USA
3 Danica Dakic Zid
(documentation of video installation)
1998 Bosnia Herzegowina/
4 Joan Jonas Disturbances 1974 USA
5 Joan Jonas Big Market 1984 USA
6 Skart Deathless 2000 Yugoslavia
7 Renata Poljak Untitled 2000 Croatia/France
8 Renata Poljak Consolation 1997 Croatia/France
9 Ademir Arapovic Zen in Boring 2001 The Netherlands/
Bosnia Herzegowina
10 Sandra Sterle True Stories 1998 Croatia/The Netherlands
11 Mark Dean Universal (Turing Machine) 1999 GB
12 Sandra Sterle The Characters 1998 Croatia/The Netherlands


1 Yoshihisa Nakanishi Lady....Go!! 2001
2 Aki Nakazawa Invisible Railway 2001
3 Yoshihisa Nakanisha Venus 1999
4 Ayumi Sasaki Stream 2000
5 Shuhei Morita Trsh 2000
6 Mari Shimizu Who doesn't know what my name 2000


1 Takahiko Iimura Observer/observed 1999 JAPAN
2 Rudolf Frieling
Dieter Daniels
Media Art Interaction.
The 1980s and 1990s in Germany
2000 Germany
3 Carol Still
James K-M
Mediaprobes 1996-2001 Canada
4 Michael Brynntrup NET.CETERA - The Film to the Film 2000 Germany


1 Jerzy Truszkowski Differentia (horyzonty dyskurs—w patologicznych) 2001
2 Monika Grzesiewska Los Kurczakos 2000
3 Katarzyna Majak De Regeneratione 2001
4 Wojciech Zamiara Animacja 2000
5 Wojciech Zamiara 2000:czego 2000
6 Adam Abel Vitriol 2001
7 Igor Krenz Znajdz odpowiednia ilosc szczegolow 2000
8 Marek Wasilewski Paradigmatics 2000
9 Magdalena Chuchnowska
Marta Szajneman
Moze... 2001
10 Magdalena Chuchnowska
Marta Szajneman
Panowie 2001
11 Krzysztof Skarbek Rodzina 2001
12 Krzysztof Skarbek Odkrycie 2001
13 Alicja Zebrowska Monitoring 2000
14 Viola Tycz Cud 2001
15 Izabela Jankowska Bez tytulu (niebieski) 2000
16 Bartek Kedzierski Heaven 2001
17 Janek Koza Proznia. Odcinek 1. 2001
18 Wanda Seredynska Droga 2001
19 Maciek Baczyk
Marek Debek
Czlowiek z Bronxu 1998
20 Agnieszka Tarasiuk Klepsydra 2000
21 Grazyna Wikierska Mokradla 2000
22 Tomasz Lukaszewsk Mitologiczny Swiat Blake'a 1999
23 Izabella Pruska-Oldenof Vibrant Marvels 2000
24 Wojtek Ulrich Red Rain 2000
25 Dariusz Nowak-Nova Dante. Purgatorio 2000/2001
26 Peter Grzybowski Parallel 1999


A handy kit of extreme sports and releasing exercises for everyone.

1 Studio U-7TV Dry Land Skis 2000 Russia
2 John Wood
Paul Harrison
Three Leged 1999 GB
3 Igor Krenz Dwa znikniecia kulki w przestrzeni równoleglej 1999 Poland
4 Marcin Szydlowski Camera Obscura 1999/2000 Germany
5 Jacek Kasprzycki Poland! Go ahead! 2000 Poland
6 Studio U-7TV Bikes in the Sky 2000 Russia
7 Marcin Szydlowski Instability of Space 1999/2000 Germany
8 Pavel Braila Unde? Unde! Undeva 1998 Macedonia
9 Studio U-7TV Base jumps from the factory chimneys 2000 Russia
10 Dominic Redfern Smokescreen 1999 Austria
11 Eva Koennemann M.U.D. 2000 Germany


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